£500 Prize


We’ve got a brand new food event coming up in May and we need your help to name it please.

It will be a celebration of the mighty chilli pepper featuring over 20 chefs, restaurants and street food traders all cooking food that highlights the heat and flavour of this glorious pleasure-giving vegetable/spice. It’s all happening in Dalston Yard on Fri/Sat 09/10 May and you are invited.

We were going to call it ‘The Big Chilli’ but at the moment the project name is ‘Chilli Feast’; we may stick with this but we’re hoping you can come up with something better. If you do and we use it, there is a £500 cash prize and 10 free tickets for the event so you can bring your mum and all her friends along and go, “Look mum! It’s called [your brilliant name] and I came up with that.”

We think it should probably have ‘Chilli’ in the name but it is not essential. Also, I think the best event names are the (usually made up or compound) ones that come to mean only one thing and this is true, for example, for Ribstock and Meatopia. But don’t let that narrow your ideas, we’re interested in anything and every idea you might have.

So anyway, make your mum proud and tweet us up with some brilliant names please and make sure you use the #ChilliFeast hashtag.

Thank you we love you.


P.S. I think this is self-evident but if more than one of you come up with the same name and we end up using it, the first to tweet me with it wins.

Posted by Emma Porter on
My idea for naming your event is....

I hope you like it :)
Posted by scott leake on
My idea for your change of name is.....
Wicked-chillidilli. As in whipping piccadilly.
Chillifornacation Also works.
Posted by Scott leake on
Posted by Jackie Dean(@foodtectogo) on
Chilli-Cha-Cha.....energetic but with a steady beat!
Just like a chilli!
Posted by Dini (@DolceDini) on
Stoking the Scoville or Scoville Blast
Posted by Roseika lee on
Fire & spice
Fiesta del fuego
Posted by Greg round on
Heat feast
Posted by Katie woods on
Oooooh, yum, how's about
Chilliscious or
Hope you like it
Posted by Tara on
Hot Tamale: Chilli Fest
Posted by Ben on
The Chilliad
Posted by Joe Robertshaw on
My name is 'Chilli Con Carnival'.
Posted by Matt on
Hard to compete with Chilli-con-carnage & The Chilliad really. Couple ideas:


Chilli Elliot (ignore - had to write it down)

The Chilli Isles (ignore that too)

Chillidelphia (I'll stop)

Posted by Kiki on
@Tweat_Up loving Chillipalooza...

but how about...
Chillibriate = Chilli + Inebriate, for that heady euphoria you get from eating so many chillies!

Chillmeleon = Chilli + Chameleon, because you'll be as red as a chilli afterwards!

Chilli Jam = gettin' all those chilli chefs together for a 'jam' session

will come back if i think of any more!
Posted by Todd on
Hot & Bothered
Boiling Point
Posted by Adam on
The effects of eating a chilli is the foundation for my name suggestion:

Chilli Chilli Bang Bang
Posted by Natasha on
Posted by Hema Maisuria on
Posted by Em on


Canned Heat
Posted by Karen on
Heat Feast!
Posted by Karen on
Ah! someone got there first with heat feast :-)

Ok, how about "Pepper Up"?
Posted by Stacey on
( The big chilli festival ! ) play on the famous music fest everyone knows
The big chill fest !
Posted by Coxy on
Eat Chilli's, Rave, Repeat!
Posted by Coxy on
Eat Chilli's, Rave, Repeat!
Posted by Anne on
hot chills
chilli fiesta
Posted by Chris Edmunds on
Posted by Russ on



Posted by Lisa on
Posted by Sarah on
Chilli Cook Off

Chilli Wars (gotta keep the theme!)

Red Hot Chilli Wars

A Chilli Reception

Chipotle Love
Posted by Hali on


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