Big Eater Season Ticket


If you’re a regular at our annual food and drink events then you can save some money (and worry) by ensuring you have already paid for and are guaranteed a ticket for every event we do this year.

In order to improve things for everyone involved, we will have fewer tickets on sale for most of the repeat events (Taco Wars, Ginstock, Ribstock) we’re doing and a smaller crowd means: less hectic, easier seating and even better eating.

If for some reason, you can’t make one or more of our events this year, you can give away or sell your ticket(s) to someone else. You can buy your Big Eater season ticket here now for £200. At the very least it will get you free entry (plus all the benefits) to:

  • Taco Wars 
  • Chilli Chilli Bang Bang 
  • Auction Against Hunger 
  • Carnevale 
  • Ginstock 
  • Ribstock 
  • National Burger Day 

We haven’t confirmed all of our event dates yet or, indeed, every event we’ll be doing but, if you’re a Big Eater season ticket holder, you will be entitled to free access to every event we do this year. Even the ones we haven’t dreamt up yet.

Here’s what we should definitely be doing:

#TacoWars2 takes place on 29 March at #HawkerHouse from noon till 5pm (competition) and then a free-for-all on in to the evening until midnight. Tickets will cost £35, which includes eight competition tacos, two drinks and a dessert. 450 tickets will be available for this event. This is 200 fewer than last year’s sell-out event so that things are less hectic and everyone will get more time to savour the day.

#ChilliChilliBangBang is a brand new event that we’re curating and organising with Thomasina Miers. It will take place on Friday/Saturday 09/10 May at #DalstonYard and will be our first big weekend food festival of the spring/summer. Entry to one of the three sessions (Friday evening and Saturday day and evening) is likely to cost £15 and as a Big Eater season ticket holder you will be allowed access to all three sessions for free.

#AuctionAgainstHunger is another brand new event we are co-hosting/organising with Ben Maschler and Action Against Hunger at #DalstonYard on Thursday 22 May. We expect this event to sell out in a matter of minutes thanks to the unrivalled and never-to-be-repeated line-up of amazing chefs and restaurants all taking a turn to cook their version of street food. We’re still working out all of the details with Ben but the ticket price could be anything between £50-£100 and will probably include all of your food and drinks on the evening. Here’s some of what happened last year at Shoreditch House. This event is all about raising money for a very important charity and we will account to Action Against Hunger for the relevant portion of the cost of your season ticket.

#Carnevale is another brand new event, celebrating Meat & Whisky, that we’ve been planning since 2012 following the success of the original #Ribstock. We don’t have a date in mind yet but we’re hoping it will happen some time in June. Expect to eat meat from 20 great chefs, restaurants and street food heroes over three sessions (Friday evening and Saturday day and evening). A ticket is likely to cost £15 but as a Big Eater season ticket holder you will be allowed access to all three sessions for free.

#Ginstock3 will once again take place on World Gin Day, Saturday 14 June, this time at a new venue. Despite the rain, this was such a wonderful event last year. Like last year, tickets for the eight drinks (there were 10 in the end) are likely to be around £35-ish but there will be fewer available.

#Ribstock3 is likely to be in Haggerston at a brand new venue. We don’t have a confirmed date yet. The set up will be similar to last year, with tickets (which could easily be shared between two) going for (probably) £50. This event always sells-out very quickly - In less than four minutes in 2012. We will have fewer tickets available this year so that we’re not asking too much of our chefs. Fewer guests means better ribs.

#NationalBurgerDay was one of our most popular events last year and it will be back at #DalstonYard on Wednesday 27 August. Tickets are likely to be £15 each and there will be 1,500 available.

In addition to these seven events, we will try and dream up and fit in one or two others for you but nothing definite at this stage. After #HawkerHouse closes at the end of March, we plan to relaunch Street Feast for 20 sunny weekends on 16/17 May at a much-improved #DalstonYard. We’ve got so many great new things happening there this year including a wood-fired pizza café, a steak house and a lobster bar. Don’t leave the country, it’s going to be sensational.

We’re also opening a second Street Feast location in south east London on the same date and also for an initial 20 week run. It’s too soon to tell you anymore about this secret spot at this stage but there will be more news soon. It is likely that there will be a door charge for Street Feast entry after 7pm this year but as a Big Eater season ticket holder, you’ll be allowed free entry throughout the year for you and for any of your guests that you arrive with. Nice.

That’s it for now.



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