Blood Oranges


From blood orange posset to blood orange beer, Anything Blood Orange Is Good. They're in season till April so you've got from now until then to work your way through this lot. GO.

Blood and Sand at the Hawker House Whisky Bar. At just over 90 years old, this classic cocktail is as spritely today as it was in the 20s. Scotch, sweet vermouth, Cherry Heering and the juice of a fresh blood orange. One of the cocktails you MUST try before you DIE.

Blood Orange Posset at Merchants Tavern. Creamy, sharp, sweet, balanced. Wonderful. (Thanks: @a_bit_dizzee)

Blood Orange San Pellegrino from Cooking Cooks. See also Blood Orangina. (Thanks: @aj2097 & @StefanChomka)

Blood Orange Mimosa or Margarita at Satan's Whiskers. Juiced to order and delicious both ways.

Blood Orange Granita at Gelupo. One of Time Out London's Top 10 Dishes. Rich. Dark. Intense. See also Gelupo's Blood Orange Sorbet, available at Pizza Pilgrims. (Thanks: @foodycatAlicia & @laura__Paine)

Bloody Ruby at Morito. Campari & Blood Orange on the rocks. Get a round in.

Devil's Due at Danger of Death. A twist on the Angel's Share - Cognac, blood orange, lemon, honeycomb, ginger, Angostura, rocks. Liquid Blast Intensity 4. Devastating.

Wild Mallard and Blood Orange Flatbread from Mike + Ollie. Seasonality squared.

Blood Orange Curd at Brixton Cornercopia. Keep away from housemates/family/burglars. #Precious

Red Mullet Sashimi, Blood Orange & Wild Fennel at The Clove Club. We've not tasted it yet but it looks f*cking good.

Fennel, Blood Orange and Pomegranate salad at Dock Kitchen. Proof that the simplest dishest are often the best.

Blood Orange Sorbet with Rosewater Jellies at The Sands End. We don't make it out to Fulham much, but head chef Olly Marlowe (The GlasshouseChez Bruce) deserves all of our attention.

Beavertown Brewery's Bloody 'Ell Blood Orange IPA. Hazy amber beer with citrus notes and a very bitter finish. Coming to Duke's very soon.

Sunset Fizz at Hawker House's Rotary Bar. Gin, lemon, blood orange, and bitters topped with soda and served long. 

That's enough blood orange.


Photo credit: @faerietalefoody


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