Craft Beer Battle - Festival Sampler


If you’re coming to Craft Beer Battle with some friends on Saturday you can buy a festival sampler case - 17 bottled craft beers packed in ice to take back to your table and enjoy/share throughout the day. Drink 'em all.

If you've got a £10 taster ticket, sampler cases are £66. Walk-up price is £89. Better get a ticket quick.

Here are the beers involved:

  • Black Isle Brewery Blonde 
  • Black Isle Brewery Goldeneye Pale Ale 
  • BrewDog Dead Pony Club 
  • BrewDog Punk IPA 
  • BrewDog Jackhammer IPA 
  • BrewDog IPA is Dead 
  • Camden Hells 
  • Camden US Hells 
  • Camden Pale Ale 
  • Curious Brew Curious Brew
  • Curious Brew Curious IPA 
  • Curious Brew Curious Porter 
  • Fuller's London Pride 
  • Meantime London Pale Ale 
  • Meantime Yakima Red 
  • Meantime Chocolate Porter 
  • WEST St Mungo 

Price per case includes a free high five from @NoshableAdam.

Photo credit: Magnus Skaarup


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