The Craft Beer Flavour Wheel


Help understand the flavours you like in a craft beer and where they come from

We’ve got a lot of craft beer coming your way over the next couple of weeks, first at this weekend’s Back Yard BBQ & Keg Party and followed closely by our first Craft Beer Battle on Saturday 1 June.

At the Craft Beer Battle eight British craft breweries will be putting their flagship brew forward in a blind tasting conducted by you to decide the best. Taster tickets for all eight beers are £10 and you can buy them here.

We’ve also lined up some of our favourite street food traders to compete in Chicken Run and keep you going as you hit some of the 30+ other craft beers available to buy on the day.

You don’t have to be a beer boffin to know what flavours you like in a pint and the craft beer flavour wheel from beer writer Mark Dredge is here to help. Whip it out next time you’re in the pub and get to know your favourite beer a little better.

‘The Craft Beer Flavor Wheel’ is taken from 'Craft Beer World' by Mark Dredge, published by CICO Books (www.cicobooks.co.uk)


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