How To Dalston Yard 2015


Dalston Yard (aka the 'International Capital of Night Markets') is back for its third and possibly FINAL summer run and you're all over it because you're AWESOME. It's BIGGER, BETTER and on for LONGER this year, which means MORE traders, MORE street food, MORE parties and UNBEATABLE summer-long vibes.

It's been an excruciating seven month hiatus waiting for Dalston Yard to return, so whether you're a newbie or a veteran you need to brush up your Street Feasting with our 15 point guide on 'How to Dalston Yard':

  • Get in before 7pm and dodge the £3 door charge. 
  • Grab a drink as soon as you arrive. If you're queuing for food without a drink in your hand, you are doing it wrong. #QueueDating 
  • Bring a mate and share everything. That way you get to try more and eat LOADS. #Sharesies 
  • We've got fire pits and lots of cover but it gets chilly after dark so bring a jumper/jacket or find someone warm to snuggle up to. 
  • Don't hog a seat all night. Street Feast is a circus not a restaurant and the seats are the waltzers - Jump on, have a spin and then jump off so someone else can have a go. Cheers. 
  • Drink BIG FRUIT at the Rum Shack and the Rotary Bar. Massive Coconuts, Giant Pineapples and Uber Melons all make for excellent group boozing. Keep the fruit and save money on refills. 
  • Get cash back at the bars. All of the bars take cards but if you're eating you'll need a fistful of folding. 
  • Drink at least one Negroni before you eat. It's good for the appetite, the digestion and the soul. 
  • EXPLORE - Work your way up, down and around the Yard. There are some fantastic hidden treasures to be found, including the brand new GOLD Thai-style container-top beer bar
  • Drink a glass of wine from Street Vin or share a magnum between mates. Great street food deserves great wine. 
  • Try at least one Chilliback. It's a shot of Jose Cuervo Tequila chased by a shot of Breddos pickled habanero juice. It's sweet, spicy and DELICIOUS. Repeat between six to 10 times (depending on your BMI) to achieve invincibility
  • High five anyone wearing tie-dye. #TieDyeHighFive 
  • Have a Can-Do attitude. We've got over 30 great local and global canned beers from Brooklyn to Beavertown
  • Find JD, Dom, Adam or Henry and say "VIBES" - they might buy you a drink. 
  • Clean as you go. Thank you.

That's it. See you in Dalston.


Dalston Yard is open every Friday and Saturday from 5pm - midnight until 25/26 September 2015. FREE ENTRY before 7pm, £3 after.

Dalston Yard
Hartwell Street
London E8 3DU (Get me there)


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