How to #HawkerHouse 2015


#HawkerHouse is back and you’re all over it because you’re AWESOME. Before you rush over, take a few moments to read our 'How to' guide:

  1. Arrive early or come late. #HawkerHouse is open from 5pm to midnight and it gets REALLY busy between 7.30-9pm. Get in before 7pm to beat the £4 door charge. 
  2. Chirpse. Say hello to someone you’ve never met before, especially if they’re drinking whisky. #QueueDating 
  3. Cosy up to a hot drink. Head to the Rotary Bar on Levels 1 and 2 for a Hawker Hot Toddy or Kraken-laced Hot Spiced Apple. 
  4. Graze. Bring a few friends and share everything. That way you get to try more and eat loads. #Sharesies 
  5. Have a drink at the Whisky Bar. Choosing one of our 50 whiskies from Scotland, the US, Ireland and Japan is hard but #WhiskyRoulette is EASY. Take an £8 spin and you could be sipping top shelf liquor at (almost) Wetherspoon prices. 
  6. Don’t hog a seat all night. #HawkerHouse is a circus not a restaurant and the seats are the waltzers - jump on, have a spin and then jump off so someone else can have a go. Cheers. 
  7. Get cashback at the bars. All of the bars take cards but if you’re eating you’ll need a fistful of folding. The nearest free cash machine is outside Tesco just north of #HawkerHouse but why wait outside catching a cold?
  8. Treat yourself. The Milk & Honey #MercuryLounge at #HawkerHouse is not for everyone. But if you like spending good money on proper drinks, come on up. 
  9. Divide and conquer. Line up for burgers while your friends pair off for beers and barbecue. In a few minutes you’ll have earned yourselves a spread worth missing your nan's birthday for. Sorry nan. 
  10. Drink BIG. Share a magnum of great wine at the Wine Bar and/or a giant festival-sized cocktail at the Rotary Bar
  11. Pace yourself. Remember to have a drink at each of the bars (kick-off with a Kamm & Sons #BritSpritz aperitif) and #EatResponsibly
  12. Bring a cloak. We’ve got a cloakroom.
  13. Take photos. Instagram your favourite food/friends/conquests and let us know you were here. 
  14. Don’t say ‘nom’, ‘bad boys’ or ‘food porn’. You WILL be blocked/banned/deported. #NomBan 
  15. Clean as you go please. Thank you.



Making shit happen and bringing the vibes.

So far no deaths or arrests.