How to Street Feast at #DalstonYard


We’ve updated this (not much) from an earlier post about Street Feast at Merchant Yard:

Street Feast is the greatest thing to happen to street food since the invention of the hot dog (c.1904).

Each week, thousands of people make their way to #DalstonYard (map) to enjoy Street Feast. We never thought we’d beat Merchant Yard but we think we just about have with the new space. It is spectacular. We’ve got just seven Fridays and Saturdays left at #DalstonYard and you don’t want to miss too many of them. We may never find a better space to play with. Get down there while you can and here's how you make the most of it:

  • Say hello to someone you've never met before. Speed queuing is the new cool way to meet people. #QueueDating
  • Drink at least one Negroni before you eat. It's good for the appetite, the digestion and the soul.
  • Come with someone and share everything. That way you get to try more and eat loads. #Sharesies. 
  • Get a drink the minute you land and explore the yard with this in hand. If you're queuing for food without a drink to enjoy, you are doing it wrong.
  • Drink a glass of wine from @StreetVinWine because wine tastes great with street food.
  • Don't hog a seat all night. Street Feast is a circus not a restaurant and the seats are the waltzers - jump on, have a spin and then jump off so someone else can have a go. Cheers. 
  • Clean as you go. Thank you.
  • Try at least one Chilliback. It's a shot of tequila chased by a shot of Breddo's pickled habanero juice. It's sweet, spicy and DELICIOUS. Repeat between six to 10 times (depending on your BMI) to achieve invincibility
  • The main bar takes cards but you'll need some cash if you want to eat so bring a fistful of folding.
  • Sunglasses. Summer is in you.
  • High five anyone wearing a hat.
  • Find Dom and say 'Nice one' because he is Mr Street Feast and set the whole thing up.
  • Find JD and say 'VIBES' because he might buy you a drink. #Vibes 
  • Take a picture of Luke’s bum and hashtag it #LukesBum. He loves it.
  • Whatever you do, don't miss The Gin Store.


Making shit happen and bringing the vibes.

So far no deaths or arrests.