Cronuts, Townies, Crookies... Reumens?


Right, OK. Cronuts, Townies, Crookies. What does that say to you about the new trend towards hybrid foods? There’s too many of them? That’s one way of looking at it. Another way of looking at it is, people like them, let’s make some more of them.

Here are the best:

  • Twobsters. Turkey Twizzlers forced into the shape of a lobster. That’s how Jamie Oliver eats ‘em (when he’s off the swans). (Food Pit)
  • Fantasing about a nacho-filled pasty? Dream no more! Grab yourself a Nasty. (Will Yates)
  • How about a steaming hot bowl of sandwich? Try the original Reumen™ - half reuben, half ramen. Now available at Rotary Bar & Diner - £12. (Tim Anderson)
  • Feeling the effects of the night before? The Burguito will cure your hangover as well as your burger and burrito cravings. (Adam Cherbetji)
  • Burger or hot dog? Why choose! Get your laughing gear around a Surger - a sausage-shaped burger served in a hot dog bun with cheese and fried onions. (Tweat_Up)
  • Discover what the London press is already calling ‘New York’s cylindrical chick pea sensation’ - it’s not awful it’s Dogafel! (Adam Layton)

Let us know if there are any awesome #hybrids we’ve missed. Tweet @Tweat_Up and we’ll add our favourites.

- Adam


Posted by Adam Cherbetji on
Burger dogs. Because some people prefer their food more phallic.



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