Limited Edition #RibManReserve


Fancy getting your hands on The Rib Man's limited edition small batch bourbon-loaded spicy barbecue sauce?

You're only human.

200 x 100ml limited edition bottles of #RibManReserve* will be exclusively available at next weekend's #StreetFoodEurope festival. But you won't be able to buy these bottles; oh no, it’s not that simple - you'll have to earn them.

Mark will be giving a bottle away to the first 200 people to order and drink a £3 shot of Woodford Reserve bourbon purchased at ‘Mark's Whiskey Bar’ (located conveniently inside his brand new Kickstarter-funded kitchen container).

Mark's Whiskey Bar opens at noon on Saturday 28 September and will remain open until stocks run out, which means there might be some #RibManReserve left over for the Sunday session (but probably not).

Tickets to #StreetFoodEurope - London's biggest international street food festival - are available at £8 each and include a pint of Meantime 'brewery fresh' beer and an Aperol Spritz. #BetterThanFree. No ticket required for children under 16. For more information about the festival click here or BUY TICKETS NOW.

That's it.


*Thanks Camilla for coming up with the name


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