London's Best Breakfasts/Brunches


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Here’s what (and where) we like to eat for brunchfast. Let us know if we’ve missed anywhere REALLY GOOD.

  • Moroccan Eggs (baked in tomato, red pepper & cumin sauce with thyme) at Railroad. Sensational hangover-busting flavours. Ask for the bread to be toasted – sourdough always tastes better toasted. Superb coffee here too.
  • Sugar-Cured Prawn Omelette (with green chilli, spring onions, coriander, smoked chilli sambal & toast) at The Modern Pantry. This is how they eat breakfast in New Zealand and, New Zealand, WE LOVE YOU for it.
  • Fried Chicken & Waffle (with maple syrup) at Lockhart. NEW ENTRY
  • French Toast (with grilled banana, toasted nuts, vanilla mascarpone & Canadian maple syrup) at Reilly Rocket. Saucy and debauched. They've got a great new space upstairs so head on in AND up.
  • Bacon Sandwich at Pavillion in Victoria Park. If there is a better bacon butty anywhere we are yet to find it.
  • Duck Confit with Fourme D’ambert Toast at Smokehouse. Dirty and delicious.
  • Bacon Naan Roll at Dishoom. A modern classic with lashings of Chilli Jam.
  • Hot smoked salmon (with spinach & poached eggs on walnut bread with yuzu hollandaise) at The Providores. Good shout, @tastingpages.
  • Lengua De Suegra (Peruvian filo pastry with dulce de leche filling) at Andina. Sweet, creamy and difficult to get your hands on this side of Peru.
  • Caravan Fry Up at Caravan Exmouth Market or Kings CrossThere were a lot of contenders but there can be only one (although there are two of them).
  • Kipper on Toast at Quo Vadis. All smoky, gorgeous and grown up.
  • Kedgeree at The Wolseley. Perfect for when your mum and dad are in town. Bi-annual treat.
  • Sausage & Egg HkMuffin at Hawksmoor Guildhall. How to pay proper homage to a fast food classic. Classy.
  • Merguez Sausage Roll (with spicy tomato, harissa & fried Legbar egg) at Honey & Co. Everybody LOVES Honey & Co but have you tried their breakfast yet?
  • Toasted Banana Bread (with raspberry labne) at Lantana. Our third Antipodean entry and it's no surprise. The Aussies/Kiwis practically invented brunching out. 
  • Chorizo Hash Brown at Riding House Cafe. A brunch so good they couldn't keep the recipe to themselves.

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Posted by Freneka Mumford on
Hi Adam,

I have been to a few of your events for food and loved the yummy offerings, great atomospshere and experimental food options everytime.

I am particularly keen to hear more about the Chilli Chilli Bang Bang night and if there's any space for more stalls. My mama makes the most incredible Liberian, hot chilli sauce, with smoked fish infusions and scoth bonnet peppers. She has a cult following of (my friends....friends of friends and word is starting to spread) I think her smokey chicken, plantain and chilli sauce recipe would be an incredible addition to the evening and bring some new flare and flavours to the mix.

Let me know if you'd be keen to give my 60 year old mama her first big break and take her sauce to the crowds!

Freneka x


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