Model Market Traders #5: Sambal Shiok

Al de Perez

Sambal Shiok is a welcome new addition to London’s street food scene. Having grown up in Malaysia, owner Mandy Yin wanted to make Malaysian food more accessible to the British public, fusing burgers with epic Malaysian flavours. Her chicken satay sliders with peanut sauce, sweet pickles and hot sambal come highly recommended. Described by the Independent as a “clever, enticing offer and ahead of the curve”, Sambal Shiok is undoubtedly one to watch this year.

You used to be a lawyer. What made you want to get into the street food business?

My life-long passion has always been food, especially Malaysian having grown up there. I thought that Malaysian food deserved more exposure in the UK and wanted a new challenge. Street food seemed to be the natural home for me, especially following in the steps of Malaysia’s rich hawker food culture.

When and where did you sell your first bun? 

In early December 2013, at a winter fete in the school yard at Rochelle School in Shoreditch.

What does Sambal Shiok mean?

Sambal (sahm-bahl) is a traditional Malaysian chilli sauce used as a condiment to everything! Shiok (shee-ock) is Malaysian slang for “Wow this is DELICIOUS!! 

For someone unfamiliar with Malaysian food, how would you describe the flavours?

Malaysian cuisine has a rich heritage, reflecting all of the cultures of its diverse population and with influences from its colonial past. You will find a heady combination of flavours from the Malay, Chinese, Indian and Thai. 

The Gaztronome

What’s your most popular bun at Sambal Shiok?

Definitely the chicken satay. The lentil satay is fast becoming a cult item among vegetarians. I see a common factor between these two – the addictive peanut sauce!

What’s been the best feedback you’ve had so far 

Wow, your beef rendang just blew my mind! 

Why should we be forming an orderly queue for your food?

There’s something for EVERYONE! Malaysian sliders with a tasty deal available for you to try all three phenomenal fillings. Gluten-free and vegan options too. Come join the Malaysian food revolution!


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