#NationalBurgerDay - Line-up



Tuesday 27 August is the UK’s first #NationalBurgerDay and this calls for a spectacular event.

From 6pm till midnight we’ll be hosting a huge Tweat Up at #DalstonYard (map), featuring (almost) everyone from The World of Burger. Tickets cost £10 each and go on sale tomorrow (Tue 13 Aug) at 1pm. We’ll tweet the link then so please keep an eye on Twitter or, if you’re signed up to our newsletter, you’ll get a half hour or so head start as we’ll email you the link after noon.

Included in the ticket price is a pint of Meantime ‘brewery fresh’ beer, a Jameson Cheeseburger Pickleback and a (soon-to-be legendary) Chilliback, making them #EffectivelyFree.

Here’s the line-up of burger traders:

We can’t confirm everything at this stage but apart from some special burgers by your favourite burger chefs and restaurants, you can also expect none, some or all of the following to happen: 
  • A badger burger.
  • The inaugural Battle Royale wit' Cheese.
  • Tim Anderson’s burger wizardry.
  • A burger blimp.
  • Ice cream burgers by Sorbitium.
  • Burger Macarons by The Crumbery.
  • A prize-winning burger dance from Mike & Jen (AKA Duotard).
  • BurgerPies.
  • #Mincects.
  • A pickle-eating contest.
  • Burger-art live screenprinting. 

If you can’t make it to the Tweat Up, Mr Hyde (founders of #NationalBurgerDay) has roped in 140 restaurants to offer a 20% discount on their burgers for the day. Please subscribe to the Mr Hyde newsletter to hear about the offer first.

That’s it. Hope to see you at #DalstonYard in two weeks.



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