Ribstock 2012 - Last Year's Line-up



If you came to Ribstock last year, this is what you ate: 

1.     Andy Annat: Cherry smoked St Louis style spare ribs.

2.     Redhook (Jeffrey Roxas-Green): Jospered ‘n’ Jaxxed Roxas Racks – Slow-cooked smoky British belly ribs.

3.     Red Dog Saloon: Hickory & mesquite smoked St Louis style spare ribs.

4.     Cattle Grid: Slow cooked, fast finished with Cattle Grid sauce.

5.     Barbecoa (Sebastian La Rocca): Pit-smoked baby back ribs with coriander & chilli.

6.     Lucky Chip (Ben Denner): Barbecue pork ribs (above).

7.     Opera Tavern (Lukas Lakomiec/Ben Tish): Iberico pork ribs with PX, beets, almonds and new season garlic sauce.

8.     Ben Spalding: Baby back Tamworth pork ribs glazed in a smoked Portuguese linguica sausage and chipotle sauce.

9.     Cabana (David Rood): Sticky baby back ribs with spicy malagueta sauce.

10.  The Rib Man (Mark Gevaux): The Rib Roll.

(with thanks to @yeebot)

“I can’t tell you how happy I was to have tasted all 10 ribs – some certainly weren’t shy on portion sizes and by rib number 8 it was getting quite challenging… all competitors did an amazing job of producing porcine delights with such a wonderful variety of delicious flavours and textures.”

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