Ribstock 2013 - Hot sauce winners


Is London the hot sauce capital of the world? It was on Saturday when we had not only 10 incredible rib servings for you to taste and rate but also 10 fantastic – and local - hot sauces.

There could only be one winner in our no-shenanigans hot sauce blind taste testing and you choose…

The Rib Man – Holy Fuck!

Congratulations to Mark who has been a hero of the London street food scene for as long as we can remember. In second place we had the brilliant Dalston Chillies Original Hot Sauce followed by Roti Chai’s delicious ‘Agni’ (Sanskrit for ‘fire’) hot sauce – made with dried Indian chillies.

Here’s the full line-up of hot sauces (in Ribstock tasting order) and where you can get your hands on them:

  1. Billy Franks – BUY (Coming soon)
  2. The Rib Man & Nanban’s Fuck Yuzu - BUY
  3. Chef Patty’s Fire Blaze - BUY (Coming soon)
  4. BBQWhiskyBeer - TRY
  5. The Rib Man's Holy Fuck - BUY
  6. Red Dog Saloon - TRY
  7. Dalston Chillies - BUY
  8. Roti Chai Street Kitchen - TRY
  9. Balfe's Burnt Pepper Sauce - TRY
  10. Cabana - TRY

Photo credit: Giulia Mulè


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