Ribstock 2013


Ribstock Tickets


We don’t announce the line-up before we put our tickets on sale as our regulars know that we will get the best chefs and restaurants we can and that they won’t be disappointed. This year’s line-up is a cracker with an astonishing variety of styles and creativity. The Ribstock 2012 website will be updated next week.

Last year we sold out 500 tickets in under 4 mins with over 3,000 people attempting to buy a ticket within the first 30 mins. This year we have a much bigger space (Street Feast Merchant Yard) and there will be 700 tickets on sale. There are a few ways you can improve your chances of getting Ribstock ticket:

 - If you bought a ticket for Taco Wars, you will get a half an hour head start on buying tickets as we will email you the ticket link.

 - If you have bought a ticket for Ginstock, you will get the same half an hour head start. There are still some tickets available for Ginstock here  but these are likely to all go in the next few days.

Last year we lost over £8,500 on what was supposed to be a break even event (all of the ticket sales go on production and prizes) and so this year we have to charge a more realistic price for 10 rib tastings, two delicious beers and a killer festival-sized cocktail. Is £50 too much? That’s how much it is.

Ribstock 2013


Making shit happen and bringing the vibes.

So far no deaths or arrests.