Street Feast Closing Party - Saturday 29 June


Street Feast Merchant Yard first opened its gates less than 12 weeks ago and since then thousands of you have poured in to enjoy the UK’s best street food, booze and #vibes. It’s been a phenomenon. But now it’s time to go (they’re turning the site into a school and we’re moving on) and that calls for a party.

This Saturday from noon until 10pm we’re throwing the biggest free Tweat Up ever and we want you all to come. Here are some reasons why it’s going to be BRILLIANT:

  • We don’t have a big enough freezer for any leftovers nor anywhere to keep all the booze so we’re going to need you to help us eat the place empty and drink the place dry.
  • If you find me (Adam) and give me the right password I’ll give you an ice cold can of Red Stripe for just a quid. I’ll tweet the password on the day so keep an eye on my Twitter. If you're after something harder we’re bringing back the infamous Tweat Up Grog at £4 a glassful: seven rums, exotic fruit juices and a dash of trepidation. #Dangerous. We’re also wheeling out the Rotary Mobile Margarita Mixing Machine with a couple of new modifications.
  • We’ve invited Ceviche in Soho to serve its famous fresh seabass ceviche (we tried it at Soho Food Feast and it’s awesome) and a few Pisco Sours. It will be the kitchen’s last chance to practice ceviche on the road before they embark on Britain’s first ever pop-up restaurant tour.
  • We’re running a mini-Ribstock with ribs available from Flat IronRedhook, and Roti Chai Street Kitchen. Flat Iron will be grilling charcoal finished, 48hr USDA PRIME chuck rib meat with fresh grated horseradish, while Redhook and Roti Chai will be bringing back their Ribstock favourites. Read more about those here. If you’re feeling hungry you can supplement your rib intake with Redhook’s popcorn shrimp and Roti Chai’s fiery chicken wings.
  • Young Turk James Lowe will be serving carnitas tacos: Old Spot pork shoulder braised, brined, spiced and cooked with Coca-Cola, orange juice and pork stock. He’s serving them with lime, onion, coriander, and two different home-made salsas. Grab yourself a couple of tacos, an icy-cold craft beer, a pot of chicharrón (fried pork rinds) and give yourself a pat on the back for having such good taste.
  • There’ll also be a limited number of US/Japanese mash-up ‘Akita’ hot dogs available from Disco Bistro. Think rare breed smoked beef and pork sausages with ‘next level’ Tokyo-inspired toppings.
  • Hackney’s favourite restaurant Lardo will also be joining us for the first time, serving pork belly ciabatta rolls with fennel pollen, anchovy, rocket and mayo alongside stewed pig’s trotters with borlotti beans, guanciale and wilted rocket. 

Plus there’ll be loads more. There always is. We’ll see you there.



Photo credit: Giulia Mulè

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