Taco Wars 2 - What You'll Be Eating


Eight delicious competition tacos plus a fantastic dessert from sweet stuff specialists Sorbitium.

This year's Taco Wars line-up is a beauty. Our warriors have gone all out to create eight of the very best tacos London has ever seen, drawing influence from Mexico, the States, Japan, Korea and HOME.

Our @Tweat_Up Twitter account is still suspended (back soon) but, despite this, tickets sold out in next-to-no time (500 went in 24 hours). If you missed out, FEAR NOT - you'll still be able to try almost all of the competition tacos at the Taco Wars after party which is also the Hawker House Closing Party. This all kicks off after Taco Wars at 6pm (entry £3*). More on that next week.

The battle is nigh so sharpen those taste buds, ramp up your appetite and get ready to eat all of this lot:

  • B.O.B.'s Lobster - Sashimi Grade Ahi Tuna, wasabi guacamole, chipotle crema, Asian slaw and sesame seeds in a crispy wonton shell
  • BBQ Lab - Hickory Smoked Peanut Butter Jelly Pork Belly, popcorn pudding, pineapple salsa, Dr. Pepper gel and Pickleback sour cream in a 100% pork loin tortilla 
  • Benito's Hat - Succulent Pork Belly, crispy chicharrón, shaved fennel, lime, roasted apple and habanero salsa in a homemade corn tortilla 
  • Breddos - Chipotle and Bone Marrow Roasted Short Rib, barbecue Guinness brisket and smoked cherry marmalade in a homemade beef dripping tortilla 
  • Kimchinary - Beer Braised Pork Belly, pickled mustard seeds, Korean pear salsa, oyster kimchi, gochujang and pig crunch on a smoked pork fat and sesame tortilla 
  • Luardos - Grilled Skirt Steak, salsa roja, Supersweet onions, coriander and lime in a homemade corn tortilla 
  • Rita’s - Pigs Head, Belly and Trotter, burnt spring onion crema and blood orange pico 
  • Santo Remedio - Chargrilled Octopus marinated in Pasilla de Oaxaca chillies with black beans, yerba santa and serrano aioli served in an avocado leaf 

And something sweet:

  • Black Vanilla - Chilli Chocolate & Jose Cuervo Paloma ice cream scoops

So hop on Twitter and let us know who you're rooting for and make sure you include the hashtag #TacoWars2. Until then, may the sauce be with you.


* Free for Taco Wars ticket holders.


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