Tequila Hot Sauce?

We asked Ribstock 2013 Hot Sauce Champion The Rib Man to come up with a brand new one-time-only limited edition version of Holy F*ck for Chilli Chilli Bang Bang. The one condition? He had to bang a load of Tequila in it. 

He said 'yes'.

Armed with a case of Jose Cuervo Silver, some fresh habañero and naga chilli peppers and some super-sharp yuzu juice, Mark got to work. Version one wasn't boozy enough. Version two lacked that citrus punch. Version three was just right.
It tastes SENSATIONAL but we still don't have a name. We're down to a shortlist of three but we need your help picking a winner
VOTING HAS NOW CLOSED. Congratulations, Richard Payne - four free festival tickets are winging their way over to you now.
100 mind-melting bottles of The Rib Man's 'The NagaRita' sauce will be available to buy solely via the Hot Sauce Deli at Chilli Chilli Bang Bang, priced £5 for 200ml. If you haven't bought your tickets yet, what are you waiting for? 

BUY NOW and get £21.50 of value for just £15. #EffectivelyFree

See you at #DalstonYard for the HOTTEST weekend of the year.



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