Truck Stop #vibes

The first Truck Stop date of the summer was a smash hit celebration of all things Americana. Thousands of awesome people came to 'celebrate' US Independence Day with great food, great booze and loads of #vibes. And we're getting ready to do it all over again tonight. If you've already bought a ticket, nice one. If not it's £10 on the door. Here's what you can expect if you're coming down:

Truck Stop dollars - if you ordered tickets online in advance! @PhoandChips


Classic American vee-hicle clambering 


Truck Stop babes @bexbowman1


Brewery Fresh London Lager from @MeantimeBrewing


World-beating Mac & Cheese from Anna Mae's @GFYSoul


Chillibacks! A shot of Jose Cuervo tequila chased with a shot of Breddo's pickled habanero juice. @daniellepyoung


And loads more! See you down here for high fives, #vibes and #Chillibacks.



Making shit happen and bringing the vibes.

So far no deaths or arrests.