Tweat Up Lexicon


Tweeting together in the wonderful world of Twitter we've coined or come across some brilliant new words and phrases to describe some of the great and less savoury goings-on of the London food scene.

Here are a few of our favourites from the last two years: 

BloggerSwarm n. A PR-managed event/restaurant launch where teablagging bloggers arrive en masse and exchange favourable tweets for free food and booze.

ButtPlugging v. Flattering tweets by a business/business owner that suck up to bloggers/reviewers for promotional purposes. 

FineWhining v. Comparing everything you eat/drink/experience to the best you've ever had. Eg. Complaining about the service at a burger joint by benchmarking it against Michelin fine dining.  

Fishting v. Tweeting lavish/excessive praise about a bar/restaurantand including an @ mention in the hope/expectation of a retweet (Credit: @drdickdixon

GastroSpod n. Outwardly harmless restaurant bore. Tweets inanities about places they've never been to but has 'heard good things about'. Timeline clogging f*ckwit. (Credit: @NoshableAdam)

Gaststättenneueröffnungsuntergangsgewissheit n. Ger. Total confidence that a newly opened restaurant is doomed to fail.

GaststättenneueröffnungsPOLPOgewissheit n. Eng. Total confidence that a newly opened restaurant is bound to succeed.

Hypesteria n. Mass/mob hysterical greeting/tweeting the arrival of a new restaurant like it's a royal baby. 

Mennui n. A feeling of listlessness and dissatisfaction arising from a lack of interesting things to eat. (Credit: @LisaMarkwell

NomBan n. Rule which prohibits the use of 'nom', 'om nom nom' etc. to express deliciousness. Offenders will be blocked/banned/deported. 

Plagiawrists n. Pl. W*nkers who steal restaurant names and ideas. (Credit: @drdickdixon)

Teablagging v. 1. Tweeting praise about a place in exchange for freebies. 2. Fake-complaining to a restaurant in the hope of a free meal. (Credit: @drdickdixon

TrophyKnife n. Highly pinchable restaurant kit. See Flat Iron's miniature cleaver. (Credit: @NoshableAdam)

Utopic n. The next level after epic. Next next level. See: #DalstonYard after #MerchantYard. (Credit: @TheGaztronome

Yelping v. Posting positive online reviews of your own bar/restaurant. (Credit: @richmajor

If you've got a new word for something you've seen in the food and drink world, please tweet us and if it makes sense (and makes us laugh) we'll stick it up here

Posted by Cindy Phillips on

I have a 1953 Airstream caravan currently being converted into a mobile wine bar/pub. I will be selling English/British wines, beers, ciders, spirits.

I would love to be involved in some of your future events.

I look forward to hearing from you.



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