Winyl Bar Presents Winyl Tap


Winyl Bar Presents ‘Winyl Tap’

The future of wine drinking is happening in Lewisham, and it revolves around three beautiful words: Wine. On. Tap.

The tap in question is turned by half-brothers Adam Satow, a DJ and vinyl collector, and wine lover Aaron Jolley, every Friday and Saturday night at Street Feast’s Model Market.

Here’s the science bit: Custom-made in Minnesota, the tap is a dual refrigeration system that allows fine wines to be served in a more quality-controlled environment, with two separate chambers that can be independently temperature-controlled to within a single degree.

“What’s great about this system is that there’s zero oxidisation,” says Aaron. “The wine is sealed at the vineyard, so its like you’re drinking it right there.”

Normally, to prevent wastage, the finest wines are only sold by the bottle. With the Winyl Tap, you can buy better wine by the glass. And try more.

“The winemakers we’re championing are the young mavericks in the game,” Aaron says. “The red is from California’s Broc Cellars. It’s medium bodied, with fresh notes, like sunshine on the grass. We serve it at exactly 51 degrees fahrenheit, which is unusually cool, but just right for this wine. The white is from Wind Gap, an hour’s drive north. It’s clean, citrus flavours make for perfect summertime drinking.”

The mingling of fine wine and technology is controversial to some. “We’re classicists at heart,” says Aaron. “We play vinyl because we love the analogue sound quality. Any DJ will tell you the benefits of digital mixing but they don’t have our psy-trance white labels.”



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